Erik Karvonen


Like nature, my art is intricately layered and textured. My experiences growing up near nature, watching the drastic change in seasons, its chaos and unpredictability, all helped develop my artistic style.

As a child, the youngest in my large Scandinavian family, I often entertained myself with natural materials that surrounded me. I used sticks, leaves and other elements gathered in my rural environment to create craft projects and to design organic installations. I can remember specific projects I created that can still transport me back to the exact day and time of their making.

Encaustic is the perfect medium to capture, layer and create these synesthetic scenes. The variety of materials I can use; the wax, pigments and endless other mixed media, allow me to create works that draw in the viewer for a closer look.

I pull material and content from my emotional and physical environments, past and present. I am not only inspired by nature, but bring my love for modern architecture, design and music into my work. Merging the natural with the modern is always a delicate balance I strike to achieve. This process-focused approach to my art is a balance of creating and breaking boundaries within myself and then constructing something tangible for the viewer.